PAST EXHIBITIONS - 2002 (Chicago, IL)

May 10 - June 1, 2002
1/2" of Love: Photographs of Mediated Memories 1999-2002
Megan Carr (Chicago, IL)

Unit B (Gallery) is a new artist-run alternative space located in the Pilsen art community, a near south side neighborhood located only minutes from downtown Chicago.  Our exhibitions will showcase the latest work of emerging artists from Chicago and around the country in solo and group shows.

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June 14 - July 6, 2002

The flag of the United States is a symbol of unity, with a very interesting history.  Although it's instantly recognized around the world it's not always welcomed.  It represents freedom and the opportunity to live in liberty, and reminds us all of the great sacrifice in human life that has been paid for that privilege.  I LOVE AMERICAN is a juried exhibition with the American flag as the stimulus.

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July 12 - August 3, 2002
In Passing
Featured Chicago artists: Kayde Anobile and Bryan Dewhurst

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August 9 - 31, 2002
Staring into space & other ways to pass the time
Featured Chicago artists: Adam Radcliffe and Rachel Ormond

Staring Into Space is a rumination on wasting time, or rather the time that we waste and its value.  Often these moments contain nothing, vacuous stares where nothing is seen.  Other times these blank stares contains moments of epiphany.  The answer is on the tip of the tongue, yet remains impossible to verbalize.

Staring Into Space is a meeting point between two friends and artists.  Rachel Ormond and Adam Radcliffe are constantly engaged in dialogue, interested in similar ideas yet diverging onto very separate paths.  The idea for the show was to take similar themes and see where they took the artists.

The exhibition consists of photography by both artists and a collaborative video project titled, Taken, which addresses the “hickey” as a territorial marking and symbol.  This banal concept becomes a banal image, an aestheticized portrait of people claiming other bodies for themselves.

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September 13 - October 5, 2002
Featured Chicago artists: Allen Buckskin, Windy Louise, Rustle X. Tantrum

Thousands of websites dedicated to pleasures of the flesh provide images for mass consumption, manufacturing psychological and sexual desire pixel by pixel.  For Allen Buckskin (Rob Walters), Windy Louise (Kimberly Aubuchon) and Rustle X. Tantrum (Brent Riley), Internet porn also provides the raw material for appropriation, digital manipulation and humorous philosophical exploration.

Allen Buckskin grapples with the inordinate amount of time spent fiddling with computer porn by altering such images to generate a more meaningful experience.  While Windy Louise constructs fantasies based upon forays into the wide, wide world of the bizarre and sublimely perverted, Rustle X. Tantrum develops sensory experiences emerging from a predetermined set of formal rules.

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October 11 - November 2, 2002
A Sense of Place
Adam Blumberg (Chicago, IL)

A Sense of Place is a photographic investigation of bustling crossroads in American Society, the historical and the recollected, the real and the perceived, the promise and the potential.  Sure, it’s about the manmade landscape, but it reflects a vision of what nature presented and what man will leave behind.

As seen from a motorcycle in the middle of nowhere, and captured through the lens of a medium format camera, Blumberg gives us a formal composition of simple, and sometimes stark landscapes composed of the remnants of human creation, but markedly devoid of human presence.

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November 8 - November 31, 2002
Matti Allison, Kristen Neveu, Rebecca Roberts

Unit B (Gallery) is pleased to present new painting and sculpture by Matti Allison (Chicago, IL), Kristen Neveu (Chicago, IL) and Rebecca Roberts (Farmington, MO).

Collecting data from childhood memories, family histories, religion, and fashion are some of the ingredients found in their works. 

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December 12 - 15, 2002
The Stray Show
Kingsbury Place
1418 North Kingsbury
Chicago, IL
Featured Chicago artists: Kayde Anobile, Adam Blumberg, E.K. Buckley, Megan Carr, Matt irie & Dominick Talvacchio, Kristen Neveu

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