PAST EXHIBITIONS - 2003 (Chicago, IL)

January 10 - February 1, 2003
On Wood
John-Henry Marshall (Chicago, IL)

ON WOOD, Marshall’s newest body of work, is a search for beauty.  Inspiration comes from various corners:  calendars, clocks, games, puzzles, geometry, graphic design, and mandalas, to name a few.  This series finds a balance between the serious and the lighthearted, the sacred and the profane, the microcosm and the macrocosm, as well as time with the timeless.

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Feburary 14 - March 8, 2003
Tainted Love
Curated by Kimberly Aubuchon and Duncan Anderson
Featured Chicago artists: Damon Bishop, Kirsten Curtis, Shane Huffman, Brandon Jaynes, Paul Nudd, Brent Riley, Melanie Schiff, Rod Swanstrom, Erik Wenzel

Tainted Love is an exhibition that comments on the trials and tribulations of love.

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March 2003
Jason C. Meyers

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April 11 - May 3, 2003
Performance 3: The Multiple
Matt Irie & Dominick Talvacchio (Chicago, IL)
Featured artworks by: by Mark Arctander, Rachel Chenven, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, Matt Irie, Kathleen Kranack, Dominick Talvacchio and Wenhwa Ts’ao

Performance 3: The Multiple
is the latest in an ongoing series of performances written and directed by collaborators Matt Irie and Dominick Talvacchio.  In these pieces, actors execute a tightly scripted but commonplace segment of dialogue and movement in a setting where others are unaware that a staged event is to take place.  Each piece uses repetition (of the script and within the script) to hint that a performance may be underway.  Each piece also takes as its jumping-off point a particular concept or philosophical framework; our hope is that by injecting an abstraction of reality into reality, we create an anxious, hyper-real space in which various theoretical problems and insights might be couched in experiential terms, and in which the ‘scriptedness’ of ordinary human interaction can become salient.

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May 9 - 31, 2003
Unit B by land and sea: May 2003

Unit B (Gallery) celebrates its 1-Year Anniversary in May by showing as much new and emerging contemporary art in as many ways as possible.  Please join us by land (at the gallery and the Stray Show) and sea (at ArtBoat) during the weekend of May 9 – 11, better known as Art Chicago, and see some of the finest art that Chicago and beyond has to offer.

at Unit B:
May 9 - 31, 2003
Featured Chicago artists: Cheselyn Amato, Kayde Anobile, Damon Bishop, Megan Carr, Nadine Guerrera, Christopher Rose

at ArtBoat:
May 10, 2003
Featured Chicago artists: Matt Irie & Dominick Talvacchio, Jason C. Meyer

at The Stray Show:
May 9 - 11, 2003
Curated by Megan Carr (Chicago, IL)
Featured artists: Jennifer Bastian, Adam Blumberg, Jeffrey Earhart, Joseph Kohnke, Jason C. Meyer, Liz Nielsen, Eli Robb, Erik Wenzel

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June 13 - July 5, 2003
Sketches, Scrawls, Scribbles and Such
Featured artists: Duncan Anderson (Chicago, IL), Matt Ballou (Evanston, IL), Angela Barker/Benjamin Gardner (Normal, IL), Jennifer Bastian (Chicago, IL), Lys Beckman (Madison, WI), Eben Carlson (Chicago, IL), Rebecca Carter (Chicago, IL), Odie Rynell Cash (Detroit, MI), Min-Tse Chen (Taipei), Rachel Davis (Madison, WI), Elizabeth Deasy (Pittsburgh, PA), Shelby Marie Donnelly (Chicago, IL), Scott Espeseth (Madison, WI), Lauren Feece (Chicago, IL), Lisa G. French (Chicago, IL), Letha Kelsey (Dane, WI), Andrew Nowak (Chicago, IL), Beth Weisberger (Chicago, IL)

Sketching is the core of art making, as most artists keep notebooks and visual thoughts to document their preliminary studies and ideas.  Sometimes these ideas are born in the midst of friends, fermented beverages, and end up on un-archivaled bar napkins, the back of spiral notebooks, etc., etc..  Sometimes these ideas are uninhibited and contain nothing of supreme artistic value, being it was created while you sat on hold with People’s Gas on a Monday afternoon. Sketches, Scrawls, Scribbles, and Such will serve as an event for this creative and in some cases, uncreative process. 

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July 11 - August 2, 2003
La Belle Dame Sans Merci
E. K. Buckley (Chicago, IL)

La Belle Dame Sans Merci, a famous poem written by John Keats in 1819 has inspired many artists to paint its enchanting tell of a knight-at-arms who has a chance meeting in the meads with a beautiful lady.  E.K. Buckley gives a new contemporary approach into Keats’ focus on how experiencing beauty can give meaning and value to life.

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August 8 - 30, 2003
Strange Places in Pictorial Spaces
Featured artists: Rebecca Duff (Chicago, IL), Letha Kelsey (Madison, WI), Keiler Sensenbrenner (Evanston, IL)

Traditional devices of painting are utilized to create forms and spaces that are self-referential rather than to serve traditional purposes.  These works exist for their own concerns.  They create forms and spaces that are real forms and real spaces.  The structure of these environments contributes much to the viewers’ imagination. Strange Places in Pictorial Spaces cancels knowingness and restores contemplation of the mystery of life.

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September 12 - October 5, 2003
Object Play
Featured Chicago artists: Dolan Geiman and Steve Hokanson

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October 10 - November 1, 2003
Between Here and There
Featured Chicago artists: Kelly Brannon, Bryan Dewhurst, Matt Irie & Dominick Talvacchio, David Moskow

Unit B (Gallery) celebrates Chicago Artists’ Month 2003, the eighth annual celebration of Chicago’s vibrant visual art community.  This year’s theme, Artists’ on the Map, highlights the neighborhoods where artists live, work and exhibit in Chicago. borrowing that theme, ordinary and mundane areas of the map are explored in Between Here and There.

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November 14 - December 6, 2003
Matthew Noel-Todd: Atomic

In his first U.S. exhibition, Noel-Tod will premiere Atomic, a shot for shot remake of the 1980 music promo video for the pop song ‘Atomic’ by Blondie.  Recreated with a Debbie Harry look-a-like, the video replicates the imagined post-apocalyptic setting of the original video with the kitsch and vamp costumes and lo-fi, homemade stage set.  The video starts with a solarized sequence of a helmeted man approaching the gig venue on a horse, riding through a desolate yard and out-buildings.  The use of this popular early video effect (solarization) with the images of a horse recalls Malcolm Le Grice’s seminal avant-garde film of 1970 ‘Berlin Horse.’  The sequences intercut throughout the Blondie video of archive footage of nuclear mushroom clouds echoes the antiwar sentiment found in Le Grice’s film.

In the remade video Atomic, the soundtrack of the original song, ‘Atomic’ is replaced with an excerpt from a contemporary score written for FW Murnau’s silent vampire film ‘Nosferatu’ 1922.  This hysteric music (from a murder scene) played over the dancers and performers in the video turns a rebellious punk rock performance into a screaming nightmare where mouths emit only orchestral shrills and crashes.

The video Atomic questions the copyright of an original song – it is reconstructed painstakingly, but we don’t hear the same music nor see the same people (though we may believe we do).  The relation of images to music in two opposite cases – the music video made to accompany the song that tries to define visually what is often enjoyably ambiguous and the contemporary score for a silent film (1922) written decades after the original images are created, trying to define the sound of forever ambiguous silent images.

Atomic also investigates the aesthetic crudeness found in early pop videos and video making of the 1970-80’s.  Made in an era when moving images were highly sophisticated (films) the use of developing and expensive video technology appears to have robbed video directors of their awareness of film language.  Many of these videos appear over lit, over dramatic, poorly framed and edited and have a staged look not seen in cinema since early silent filmmaking.”

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December 14, 2003
Autumn Almanac
Featured Chicago artists: Matt Hanner and Stephen Lapthisophon

Autumn Almanac is a lesson in the power of memory held in objects, a record of a friendship, and a celebration of the season.  Hanner and Lapthisophon will fill the gallery inside and out with their collective memories and found ephemera inspired by The Kinks song of the same title for this "one day only" event.

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