PAST EXHIBITIONS - 2006 (San Antonio, TX)

January 20 - March 3, 2006
Notes to Self
Featured artists: Richie Budd & Zach Dunlap (San Antonio, TX), Chris Uphues (Chicago, IL), Erik Wenzel (Chicago, IL)

Notes to Self contextualizes the relationships that are formed between artists and objects.  Richie Budd collaborates with local musician Zach Dunlap in an opening night performance that will consist of familiar objects, sights, and sounds that conceptually and physically try to overwhelm the viewer’s senses.  This installment will remain on view during the remainder of the exhibition in the non-functioning gallery bathroom.  Chris Uphues’ comic-strip-esque small works stretch the perimeter of the main gallery walls with thoughtful sketches drawn on BEHR paint chips.  Inspired by the manufacturer given descriptors, the artist poetically constructs them into three-panel animated haiku’s. Erik Wenzel’s late night influenced bar coaster and napkin drawings tend to come out when he is out—“drawing in the social sphere, being casual, being conversational”—it frees up his creative process.   These funny and pathetic cartoon drawings are recorded occurrences between a man and his inner dog that will be installed throughout the kitchen gallery—where you can also pick up a can of cold Lone Star in celebration of the artists and our inaugural exhibition.

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March 17 - May 5, 2006
Reconstructing the Mundane
Featured artists: Brian Dettmer (Atlanta, GA), Matthew Noel-Tod (London, England), Destina Oliveras (Austin, TX)

Through the use of everyday materials having no appreciating value, Reconstructing the Mundane reclaims and accentuates the average by using sculpture and video to question the objects initial state of being.

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May 19 - July 8, 2006
Pun Intended
Featured artists: Jonathan Russell (Chicago, IL), Gary Sweeney (San Antonio, TX), Chris Wildrick (Murphysboro, IL)

Employing satire and humor as a medium, the works in Pun Intended are studies of religious, political, and social philosophies in our contemporary world.  The exhibition will include 2-D works, sound recordings, video, sculpture, and outdoor installation.

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July 21 - September 1, 2006
Show Offs
Featured San Antonio artists: Andy Benevides, Dayna Dehoyos, Anjali Gupta, Ben Judson, Jayne Lawrence, Leigh Anne Lester, Michel Monseau, Charlie Morris, Justin Parr, Gary Smith, Luz Maria Sanchez, Hills Snyder, Robert Tatum

Every month is contemporary art month for these Show-off’s. Utilizing spaces in and out of the gallery, our fourth show features recent works by the artists who direct the grass-root gallery spaces in San Antonio.  Show Off’s is an exhibition that celebrates these artist’s and their contributions to our cities art community.

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September 15 - November 3, 2006
Yanaguana: Polvo Est. 1996
Curated by Miguel Cortez (Chicago, IL)
Featured artists: Candace Briceno (Austin, TX), Scott Kildall (Chicago, IL), Amie Robinson (Brooklyn, NY), Edra Soto (Chicago, IL)

Yanaguana: Polvo Est. 1996 is the second time Cortez has organized a show in Texas. Earlier this year he organized Six Flags: Polvo Est. 1996 in Houston's Commerce Street Artists Warehouse (CSAW) space.  Both titles pay remembrance and respect to Texas history; Yanaguana was the name of the land which is now San Antonio given by the Payaya Indians many centuries ago. And also both shows celebrate Polvo's 10 years of curating, coordinating, and organizing contemporary art exhibits. Polvo is a grass roots cultural space based in Chicago since 1996.

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November 17 - December 29, 2006
Once Upon...Happily After
Featured artists: Seth Johnson (Omaha, NE), Erick Michaud (Austin, TX), Charlie Morris (San Antonio, TX)

Once Upon…Happily After explores the relationships between human, object, and image through nostalgia as a form of popular experience.

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