January 18 - March 7, 2008
And so the story goes...

Duncan Anderson (Chicago, IL)
Damon Bishop (Chicago, IL)
Kelly O'Connor (San Antonio, TX)

Stories are everywhere in our societies and culture.  They are found in music, literature, television and movies, news media, religions, architecture, and of course art. Words are mental pictures we have learned to associate in our imagination with specific things and ideas.  American writer and psychiatrist Robert Coles expresses that “stories, whether written or heard, are an encounter with metaphors that bear on everyday life.” And so the story goes… brings together the tall-tales and humorous yarns of three emerging artists who explore the darker side of the visual story.  By employing familiar characters and unusual plots these works become metaphors that join our imagination to the mysterious side of everyday life.

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March 14 - May 2, 2008
Unfurnished Room

Curated by Jacob Robichaux/Dinaburg Arts (New York, NY)
Featured New York artists: Josh Blackwell, Rachel Foullon, Sam Gordon, Barbara Hatfield, Jamie Isenstein, Matt Keegan, Siobhan Lidell, Peter Mandradjieff, Adam Putnam, Sara Saltzman

" He feels part of himself to be like a missing wall or a room left unfurnished."   Tennessee Williams

Inspired by the idea of an emptied suburban house functioning as a gallery, Unfurnished Room brings together a group of artworks that mark or inscribe presence.

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May 16 - June 27, 2008
And the fork ran away with the spoon

Alice Fermin (San Antonio, TX)
Hambone Industries, Inc. presents the International Pancake Film Festival (Chicago, IL)
Franco Mondini-Ruiz (San Antonio, TX)
Cruz Ortiz (San Antonio, TX)
Mario Perez (San Antonio, TX)
*special thanks to Pioneer Foods (San Antonio, TX) for the pancake mix!

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July 18 - September 5, 2008
Unit B (Gallery)
500 Stieren St.

July 17 - September 29, 2008
UTSA Sowntown Art Gallery
501 W. Durango Blvd.

Sign Language*

Juan Angel Chavez (Chicago, IL)
Michael Genovese (Chicago, IL)
*this exhibition is featured at two venues

Juan Angel Chavez and Michael Genovese are artists and old friends that started making their art on the streets of Chicago doing “non-permission” collaborative works—creating a graffiti-like Sign Language.  Forming their ideas from what they know on the streets—albeit signs, found materials, street vendors—the personalities and pasts these objects and people hold are the true stimulus for their works.  While each have their own individual artistic style and perspective; they both generate their inspiration by experiencing what’s in front of them—the everyday and it’s history.

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September 19 - November 7, 2008
Delusions of Grandeur
Michael Eddy (Frankfurt, Germany)
Nick Lucking (Los Angeles, CA)
Jamie Lund (New York, NY)
Mike Olenick (Columbus, OH)
John Photos (Albequerque, NM)
Ben Skinner (Vancouver, BC)
James Webb (Cape Town, South Africa)

Guest Curators, Megan Carr & Adam Blumberg (Philadelphia, PA)

The clinical term "delusions of grandeur" refers to fantasies of wealth, power or omnipotence, ideas of a grandiose nature or extravagant things or actions.  But as popular euphemism, the term lends itself to how daydreams truly inspire lofty goals and fuel the struggle for the common to attain true originality.  Aspiring to be more, but never removing tongue from cheek, the artwork presented explores various stages of this state of bravado such as the preservation of trivial items for posterity, intergalactic communication and the artist as Superman.  Also touched upon is the aftermath of these flights of fancy which are often realizations of inadequacy or failure.

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November 21, 2009 - January 3, 2009
Smoke and Mirrors

Alex Rubio (San Antonio, TX)
David Vega (San Antonio, TX)

In this collaboration, the artists create intricate individual depictions of a personal vice, then break up the two harsh images into innocuous fragments, diffusing and intermixing the ambiguous pieces and collectively forming an amorphous cloud of their indulgences.  The looming juxtaposition of the vices effectively transforms the artist' negative habits into consciousness and influencing the viewer's perception of the harsh reality of the work and into a false sense of subtlety and beauty.

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