January 16 - March 7, 2009
Natures Way
John Fleischer (Minneapolis, MN)
Stephanie Nadeau (Chicago, IL)
Casey Roberts (Indianapolis, MN)
Tim Roby (Minneapolis, MN)

Natures Way explores the relationships that humankind and nature share—paying particular attention to the marks we make and the trails we leave behind as humans and natures responses to it. 

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March 27 - May 2, 2009
Six Years Later
Matt Hanner (Chicago, IL)
Stephen Lapthisophon (Dallas, TX)

Six Years Later reunites artists and friends Matt Hanner and Stephen Lapthisophon for a second time at Unit B.  Both artists originally exhibited Autumn Almanac (2003), a collaborative mixed-media installation that was shown at Unit B in its Chicago days.

In Six Years Later they display individual works in the galleries two rooms.  Lapthisophon will show Six Years Six Bricks Potato Mail, an installation inspired by the Lucy Lippard book, "Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art Object." Hanner will show Tomorrow is above you, three sculptures from his on-going series The 8th Element ^, represented by a symbol (^) in which the arrow points up.  Hanner uses the symbol as a metaphor for positive thoughts and wishes for happiness.

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May 15 - July 4, 2009
Abhorrence of the Void
Tom Clinton (Grand Rapids, MI)
Geoffrey Todd Smith (Chicago, IL)
Louis Vega Trevino (San Antonio, TX)
Scott Wolniak (Chicago, IL)

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July 17 - September 5, 2009
Let This Be A Sign

Alejandro Diaz (San Antonio, TX)
Kristy Perez (San Antonio, TX)
Gary Sweeney (San Antonio, TX)

Let This Be a Sign addresses the “sign” in contemporary art. The artists in the show find their sources in language that comments on pop culture, politics, and beauty. By executing works with the focus on the perception of the sign, these works stimulate the viewer to become a questioner by inviting reflection on the intentions and meanings.

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September 18 - November 7, 2009
D. Denenge Akpem (Chicago, IL)
odie rynell cash (Detroit, MI)
Thando Mama (Cape Town, South Africa)
Ayanna Jolivet Mccloud (Houston, TX)

Self-Revolution brings together the work of black artists both academic and self-taught whose interests lie in questioning the roles of identity, culture and perception through the use of their bodies and experimentation. The artists stray outside the conventional thinking of modernism, performance and visual expression from both western contemporary and contemporary black aesthetics. Whereas history and experience play strong roles in all the artists work, the way they are conveyed can at times be perceived as shocking due to their use and restructuring of the medium they choose to express their ideas.  Presentation and attention to aspects of African and African American ritual are applied unapologetically by each artist to help better understand the conceptual nature of operating in and outside of colonial structures while addressing the broad and complex culture of those of African descent.

This exhibition was organized by odie rynell cash (detroit, mi)

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*Photo credit: D. Denenge Akpem and Krista Franklin

November 20, 2009 - January 2, 2010
Diamond Life
Jillian Conrad (Houston, TX)
Moo Kwon Han (New York, NY)
Curated by Kurt Mueller (Houston, TX)

Jillian Conrad and Moo Kwon Han create idealized spaces, fictive structures of time and place through which we are invited to renegotiate our relationship to the real. The effect of their reflective constructions, however, is equally refraction. Poetic dreams are realized as hopeful Chroma-key videos and imagined landscapes manifest as dazzling sculptural installations. The artifice of these mediated views is purposely apparent; lofty reaches are made tangible by humor and humble means. Conrad and Moo Kwon's works pull from natural science—geology, physics, biology—but repurpose its phenomena lyrically, as narratives of discovery and forms of accretion, as metaphors for the creative process. Drawings are sculpted, calligraphic poems are performed, and the world is revealed as a multi-faceted prospect: still-forming.
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